Expenses are actually normal in running a business; but too much expenses are already detrimental to your business. Do not wait until your company spends more than what should be the limit.

Printers are copiers and are basic needs in a company. Considering that people now go online and high tech, having a printer in the office is an advantage. But what if your company cannot afford to buy one, as it is not actually your priority but still a need? Here’s good news for you, consider copier leasing.

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What is a copier lease? This simply allows you to have custody of a printer or copier for which you do need to pay the full amount. Under a contract, the copier leasing company will allow you to use the printer for a certain period of agreed time, and in consideration of monthly amortization. Upon expiration of the contract, you may opt to eventually own it or upgrade for a new one. If you are out of find one you can try a copier leasing in Portland.

There are many models of photocopiers available in the market and most of these are high-end and have expandable features. With all these interesting functions of a photocopier, many businesses find that photocopier leasing can significantly reduce their business outlay, instead of outright purchasing.

Apart from the cost efficient advantage of photocopier leasing, in this page you will also learn some of the significant reasons why photocopier lease is more economic as opposed to a cold-cash purchase.

Capital Outlay.

Not all business entities have unlimited capital. Some who have tried to purchase equipment outright, experience very tight budget and financial stretching to the limits. But what if the equipment like the photocopier is badly needed in the business?

Through photocopy or leasing, you won’t have too much problem with your capital. You still get the photocopier or printer you desire, a manageable and comfortable monthly installment. Another convenient privilege if you are into a copier lease is that you can also establish your scheduled payment and stretch the years so you have to pay a smaller monthly due. You can find the offers at the copier leasing services in Portland.


A photocopier lease is considered as an expense under pre-tax business. This means that you can reduce the amount of tax to pay whenever you make your monthly amortization.


The value of old photocopiers depreciates. In time it will become less effective and perform slower. Also, if you bought that old photocopier, you can only upgrade into a new one by making a large outlay. But if you are into a copier lease, upgrading may be done as long as the leased machine requires updating. This option allows many companies to keep track with technology trends, availing of the latest and high-end photocopiers available. It also ensures efficiency  and affordability of the photocopier. So you see, with leasing, you will not settle for an old and outdated technology because the copier leasing company will allow you to upgrade your machine.


Many service and maintenance agreements under copier lease include supplies like ink and toner. This is already a big reduction to your expenses as you will no longer buy the needed supplies for your photocopier.

Repair and maintenance Expenses

Owning and running a photocopier can be a financial burden, in time. Just like cars, photocopiers need maintenance. Maintaining the functions of your machine may turn out to be a real burden. But if you are under a copier lease, repair services and maintenance are covered by the agreement.

After reviewing all the reduced costs that you can enjoy with a photocopier lease, have you not decided yet?