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Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Copier?

When you are looking to purchase a new copier, there are two main options: buy or lease. Buying a copier allows you to own it and reap all of the benefits that come with ownership. Leasing a copier is more beneficial for businesses who don’t want the responsibility of owning their equipment, but still want access to newer technology on an as-needed basis. To help decide between these two options, let’s take a closer look at each one!

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What are the advantages of leasing copiers?

Leasing a copier has some very distinct advantages over buying one. First of all, leasing doesn’t require the business to take out a loan to finance it. Instead, they can pay for it through monthly payments that are lower than if they had purchased the machine outright. Leasing also benefits businesses when tax time rolls around because leased equipment is considered “operating expenses” rather than an asset purchase which means less taxable income and more money saved! Lastly, lease contracts usually include maintenance plans at no additional cost so there’s never any unexpected repairs or costly downtime – both things every business hates!

Leasing can be very advantageous because payments tend not to exceed $100 per month including maintenance fees (lease agreements vary by company.) This amount will generally stay consistent throughout your contract whereas you may have to pay more for repair costs if you buy copiers.

What are the advantages of buying copiers?

Purchasing your copiers outright can be beneficial because you will have full ownership of the equipment. You could potentially resell or trade-in old machines to upgrade, which would allow you to recoup some of your initial investment.

One major advantage to owning equipment is that you can sell it for a decent price if the business slows down. If your company decides not to expand, then your machines will still have value and they can be sold before their end-of-lease date. 

You should consider purchasing a new or used machine instead of leasing one because this will give your company access to the newest technology and save money in the long run rather than adding on additional years to your lease agreement (however, newer equipment usually means higher payments.)

Owning outright can be financially risky unless you ensure that you protect yourself with an effective business plan. This would include discussing different finance options and planning for growth and expansion as well as unforeseen expenses like breakdowns and repairs.

Which one is safer?

Leasing a new machine from PictureTel will enable your company to take advantage of advanced technology, improve image quality and boost efficiency without having to make a large up-front investment. This means that our customers enjoy greater flexibility over their budget which results in lower monthly payments compared with other imaging companies! Plus, many businesses find it useful to have access to newer equipment on an as-needed basis. Our flexible agreements also allow for improved planning capabilities since you don’t need to purchase or upgrade equipment every few years just so you can keep up with new technologies.

Which is better?

Leasing copiers can be a very viable option for companies of all sizes. If you are new to the business world, it may make more sense not to risk buying something that will soon become obsolete. You could always purchase another machine in the future when your company has established itself and you have an idea about what type of equipment works best for your needs. In addition, leasing offers tax benefits that can help reduce expenses throughout the year while providing necessary funds upfront instead of waiting months just to receive payment from buyers. Buying machines on the other hand requires less paperwork than leasing but they do involve higher down payments and monthly installments that add up over time before full ownership rights are granted in approximately five

However, neither buying nor leasing is inherently “better”, it really depends on what’s right for each individual business! For instance, if you need a large number of different types of machines with varying functions, then purchasing may make more sense since you won’t have to worry about exceeding limits set by lessor companies. However, if your company needs only one type of machine and runs few jobs per month (and therefore doesn’t incur high maintenance fees) then perhaps leasing the equipment makes more sense.

Which can benefit the business more?

This is largely dependent on your company’s specific needs. If you need a large number of machines with different functions, then buying may be beneficial since it gives you complete control over all aspects of maintenance and operation. However, if you don’t need that variety and only run monthly jobs (and therefore incur high service fees), leasing might work out better for your budget. The best choice depends on each business!