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3 Ways To Effectively Motivate Employees

Have you noticed the change in the pace of how the staff in the office are completing their work? Do they still look happy whenever they greet you in the morning? Did your secretary forget you about the copier leasing options you asked her three weeks ago? When it seems as if there is something wrong and people are not telling you, there is something wrong and it needs your attention now. There is no denying that office motivation should be one of the priorities of every employer. Employees who are not happy at what they do could no longer bring the best on the table. That’s the worst thing that could happen to your business.

How do you know that employees are no longer motivated?

The first thing that you notice is that they are unhappy when they come to the office. Did they tell you about copier leasing Portland just when you bought a new printer? Some might not want to go to the office anymore. When the frequency of the tardiness and the absences and even those who file for vacation leaves are piling up, you should be worried. It only means one thing – employees no longer see themselves happy to go to the office, so why should they be?

There are some employees who show their dissatisfaction of their jobs by using their time inefficiently. When office gossip seems to be the priority of most people than the actual job that needs to be done, they need a little push. It doesn’t mean that you have to get them fired. Sometimes, you need to sit down with them to better understand why they are no longer as efficient as they used to.

Understanding why your employees are no longer keeping track of the copier lease Portland and other important tasks you delegate to them should help you identify what can be done to address the problem.

How do you keep them motivated?

Give them incentives.

If your company is earning more than what you expect, it is best to share this with the people who made it happen with you. The person assigned for the renewal of the copier leasing should be happy to receive a simple incentive for a job well done. After all, nothing beats a good pat in the back to make that happen.

Show them your appreciation.

A simple thank you could mean so much more to the office staff who helped you get your documents printed and sorted out. The simple idea of showing your gesture of appreciation should convince employees that the job is worth keeping. A nice boss is something, but a good and appreciative boss is definitely worth keeping.

Encourage them to be healthy.

Did you know that exercise helps the body be in a better position by producing more endorphins? These are also called the happy hormones. People who engage in regular exercise and keep a healthy diet are people who are in a happier disposition. When your employees are happy, they become motivated to do the job and give more than what is asked.

Is it important to keep your employees motivated?

It is if your goal is to be successful. It is impossible to keep the office working efficiently if the people there are no longer happy about what they do. A little nudge or push should go a long way. Start by saying thank you and expressing your appreciation of what they do. It will bring about a difference in the office system that is worth it.